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The 25+ Best Places To Find Photography Jobs

    Photography Jobs

    The 25+ Best Places To Find Photography Jobs

    Turning your photography into a career can seem like a daunting task, but we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide of the best places to find photography gigs and jobs to help make the process easier. Whether you want to explore full-time or freelance options, we’ve got you covered:

    Full-Time Job Boards

    Finding a full-time photography job can take the form of many different positions, such as an in-house photographer for marketing companies, photojournalist, or content creation positions. Most of these job boards offer full-time, part-time, and freelance positions, as well as have resources to help you make the most out of your search.

    Be sure to get creative with your search, and use keywords that describe the type of position you’re looking for. Exploring these job boards will help you discover what type of positions are open, so you can start preparing for your photography career.

    1. Get Photography Jobs

    Start your search with Get Photography Jobs where you can find industry specific jobs. Get Photography Jobs operates like a typical job board, allowing you to search by keyword, location, or browse by an entire state. This site has an email newsletter that can send you jobs based on your preferences as they are listed, and their resources section is full of great sites for photography tips and tricks.

    2. Indeed

    Indeed is a comprehensive job board that allows you to search by keyword and location, as well as job type like full-time, part-time, remote, and freelance. While Indeed is not specific to photographers, it does have a lot of options, and it’s updated constantly.

    Users have the option to apply through job links as a guest, or to create an account that saves their resume for quick applying. Indeed also offers email services that provide updates on each application’s status, and sends similar job postings when they come up.

    3. Glassdoor

    Glassdoor is a comprehensive job board aimed at helping people get started in their careers, as well as find a good company fit. Glassdoor allows users to see company reviews and statistics, which can help users determine if a company will be a good fit before applying.

    Glassdoor utilizes email to send job suggestions when new positions are posted, and to send a newsletter with resources on helping find the perfect career. To get started with Glassdoor, simply make an account and start searching for photography jobs in your area.

    4. ZipRecruiter

    ZipRecruiter makes searching for full-time positions easy by allowing users to save their resume, to make applying to multiple jobs quick and simple. ZipRecruiter also offers resources for job hunters to find the average salary for positions in each field, and can be used to search for all kinds of employment like full-time, part-time, and freelance work.

    5. SimplyHired

    SimplyHired is a great search engine for anyone seeking full-time and part-time positions. SimplyHired allows users to search for jobs in any category, as well as in any location. To utilize this source for photography jobs use keywords that describe what type of position you’re looking for, i.e. real estate photography, content photography.

    SimplyHired also has an easy-to-use resume builder on their site, which makes it easy to tailor your resume to specific job postings when needed.


    Job works like an automated recruiting company, and uses AI (artificial intelligence) to match your resume to jobs that will be a good fit for you. This is a great way to find multiple jobs that you’re qualified for quickly, and it can help cut down on the job search time.

    Instead of sifting through job postings, Job is great for those with a strong resume that shows off their photography skills and areas of expertise.

    7. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn doubles as a job board and social media platform where you can combine the power of networking to your photography job search. Apply to jobs posted on LinkedIn using your resume and portfolio, and at the same time, grow your professional network to discover freelancing or full-time gigs with companies you follow. LinkedIn also allows you to search professionals, chat with employees, and create organic connections with employers, so you can find the best fit for you.


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    Freelancing Gigs

    Freelance gigs are a great way to find photography work and help diversify your creative portfolio. Freelance jobs can be one-off gigs or recurring positions with a company, but they are usually inconsistent.

    Starting the search for freelance work can be intimidating, but the following sites are full of options and resources to help you get started.

    8. Flexjobs

    Flexjobs is a job search engine that specializes in remote, or work-from-home, settings. While Flexjobs offers options in part-time, full-time, and freelance, it is a great place to find freelance gigs that you can do without going into an office setting. Since it emphasizes work that can be done remotely or on a flexible schedule, Flexjobs is a great website to find photography gigs.

    9. Freelanced

    Freelanced is a social network designed to help connect freelancers with gigs and opportunities. This site is great for creating a profile and connecting with professionals in your area, as well as sifting through job postings to find opportunities. Freelanced also enables you to post your portfolio and rate, so employers can find your information while searching for candidates.

    10. People Per Hour

    To use People Per Hour, freelancers can navigate through the application process to become a certified People Per Hour freelancer. Upon application acceptance, freelancers can be searched by potential employers, as well as gain access to job postings on the platform.

    People Per Hour is a great site for finding gigs that match your specific skill set, and their application process helps employers get to know more about you before hiring.

    11. Upwork

    Upwork is a site that does it all for freelancers. It handles the job process from start to finish, including hiring, sending files, messaging with employers, and getting paid. This website is great for freelancers who want to know more about the employer, and want to be able to do everything on one platform.

    Upwork does charge a service fee, though, so it’s important to keep this in mind when using this platform.

    12. Fiverr

    Fiverr is a platform dedicated to freelancers where you start by setting up a “gig” for users to search and find the service(s) you offer. Users can hire you for a specific gig you create, and all billing is done through Fiverr.

    Fiverr does charge a 20% fee, however, they do offer resources to help with your professional development. Fiverr is great for photographers who want to get matched with buyers seeking specific skills.

    13. Craigslist

    Just like the original newspaper classifieds, Craigslist is a great source for finding freelance photography gigs. Craigslist is super easy to navigate, and you can scroll through all the postings that come up in the photography jobs section.

    Since Craigslist has been around for a while, it is typically a solid resource for photographers to find one-off gigs and jobs. However, it is important to use Craigslist with caution, and never share personal information if a job seems too good to be true.

    14. JournalismJobs

    JournalismJobs is a site specifically for those wanting to work in the journalism industry, and there are tons of photo opportunities in this field. Not all JournalismJobs postings are for freelancers, but a lot of the journalism industry is fueled by freelance work, so it is a great place to start looking for these types of gigs.

    15. The Creative Loft

    The Creative Loft is a job board dedicated to listing jobs in creative fields, which makes it a great choice for photographers who are looking for freelance or full-time work. This site enables users to create a public profile, save preferences, and emails users new listings that fit their career needs.

    16. GigBucks

    GigBucks is all about helping you land your next micro job, which is a great way to fuel your photography side hustle. The job board specializes in short-terms jobs/gigs that range between $5-$50. This platform is a bit different than others listed here, since it allows posters to share their work and prices for buyers to easily find.

    17. GoLance

    GoLance is a platform that helps connect buyers with freelancers, while also allowing freelancers to browse different job listings. Simply create a profile and then you’re ready to start your job search! GoLance also has great resources like the goMeter Time Tracker and enhanced work diary, so you can get ahead on all of your gigs.

    18. Guru

    Guru is a freelance job board that allows freelancers to contact employers and send quotes for specific job requests. This platform is great for photographers who have a set rate, and it is an easy way to find side gigs or recurring freelance jobs. Guru also has a workroom feature that allows users to collaborate with other workers, and to get paid through their platform once the job is complete.

    19. Workhoppers

    Workhoppers does the matching for you when it comes to searching for jobs. Fill out your profile, and you’ll be on your way to receiving customized job listings that best fit your profile skills.

    This is great for photographers who work in specific settings like weddings or sports, as well as for photographers with other skills like content creation or social media experience. Best of all, Workhoppers is a completely free service!

    20. Facebook

    The social media giant, Facebook, is not only a great palace to connect with friends, but it can also be a great resource to help photographers find freelance work. There are Facebook groups dedicated to job listings for freelancers, or you can post your own skills into a status for anyone in your circle to see.

    Similar to Craigslist or any other classifieds platform, it is important to exercise caution when looking at jobs or opportunities on social media, but when used correctly, Facebook is a great way to connect for freelancing gigs.

    Stock Image Contributors

    Another way to turn your photography into a job is to sell your photos to stock websites. Each website has its own way of hiring and paying photographers, but most of them work off of royalties, so the more your images are used, the more money you can make.

    21. Getty Images

    Getty Images is a stock image website that pays contributors through royalties. To apply, you can download the app and upload your sample images to be accepted by the website. Once accepted, you can check out the creative briefs by Getty Images and start uploading content that users are looking for. The more relevant your photos are, the more money you can make.

    22. Shutterstock

    Shutterstock allows you to upload your work and get paid every time your content is downloaded, and you can make even more money by referring contributors and customers. Shutterstock is a great platform for working on your professional development because they have tons of resources to help you succeed in selling your work. Shutterstock has easy to use tools on their site, so you can track your earnings and strategize to make your work even better.

    23. DepositPhotos

    DepositPhotos uses an application process to be sure your photos meet their requirements, and they pay on a commission-base. After being accepted as a contributor, you can start uploading your work and making money each time your images are downloaded. DepositPhotos allows you to contribute to multiple stock photo websites, as long as you aren’t an Exclusive Author for their site, which means you can start racking up your sales in stock photos.

    Real Estate Photography Jobs

    Another creative way to make money from your photography is to get started as a real estate photographer. While a lot of real estate photography is freelance, there are some sites that look for contributors and are easy for you to get in contact with. Real Estate photography requires some practice and special equipment, but once you have some experience, you’ll be ready to turn your skills into freelance gigs.

    24. Obeo

    Obeo has an application process that helps photographers partner with them to shoot their real estate listings. Once your application is accepted, you can set your own schedule and conduct shoots on your own time, which makes it a great platform for those seeking flexibility in their schedule. Obeo allows you to work as little or as much as you want, so your freelancing can be seen as a side gig or closer to a full-time job depending on your needs.

    25. RocketPhoto

    RocketPhoto allows you to create a profile, so realtors can find you and book you for their photography needs. You also have full ability to set your own pricing and schedule. It’s free to create a profile on RocketPhoto, and they even offer upgrades to access their professional development tools to help you grow your business and expand your contacts.

    26. Zillow

    Zillow is one of the biggest real estate platforms, so there is a lot of opportunity when photographing real estate properties for them. You can apply to become a certified Zillow photographer, and their program offers training that will help you succeed in the field. Once accepted as one of their contributors and you complete the training, you’ll be on your way to taking jobs and adding to your freelance lineup.

    Whether you’re looking for a full-time, part-time, or even freelance gig, there is a world of opportunity out there to turn your photography into a money-making venture to support your goals as a photographer. Utilizing the job boards in this article will help you get started, but never stop improving your skills and upgrading your gear to get the most out of your abilities!

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    10 Tips to SELL Your Used Camera Gear FAST

    Have some used camera gear you'd like to get rid of? If so, check out this free PDF with 10 useful tips for selling your gear quickly!