12/13/2019 | Introducing our new Listing Form & Price Tool

We’re excited to let you know about two new key features we’ve just launched on Grid50!

First, we’ve redesigned the listing form to make easier and simpler to quickly list your camera gear:

Listing Form
The form sports a new, fresh design and offers tips along the way to help you list your gear.

Second, we’ve added a pricing tool directly in this form that will help you look up the value of your gear and determine what to price your listing at:

Price Tool

When listing a new item, simply add the name of your item (ex. Sony a6300) then select the appropriate category (ex. Mirrorless Cameras) and if the item is in our database, the pricing tool will show you the average new and used value of that item. You can use this value to help you set the price for your listing.