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Grid50 Protection

What is Grid50 Protection?

At Grid50, we are commited to providing you with the simplest and safest experience possible when buying or selling camera-related gear. That’s why we created Grid50 Protection.

This program is in place to protect buyers and sellers on our marketplace. Learn more about the specific actions we take to ensure a safe and pleasant experience on Grid50:

Secure Transactions

Grid50 using the latest security technology to provide a safe and secure platform for selling and buying gear online.

We Have Your Back

In the unlikely event of a dispute, Grid50 will work with both the buyer and seller to come to solution.

Proactive Security

We constantly monitor for fraudulent activity and remove any listings or users that don’t adhere to our policies.

How to Qualify for Grid50 Protection:

Orders must be carried out directly through the Grid50 website to qualify for Grid50 Protection.

Any order done through other means (private messaging, offsite, etc.) will not qualify. See details below regarding protection for both buyers and sellers, and when to contact Grid50 when there is an issue with an order.

Protection for Buyers

All purchases on the Grid50 marketplace are backed by Grid50 Protection. Whether you pay by credit card or PayPal, you’re protected against fake, fraudulent, and falsely advertised items.

If you have an issue with your order, please follow the steps below:

Grid50 will require pictures of any damage and a repair estimate, so please obtain those in advance. This requirement may be waived solely at Grid50’s discretion.

Communication must be made within 7 days of the shipment being delivered for non-damage related issues (ex. Missing items), or 3 days for damage related issues (ex. The item you received was not as described and/or is damaged). Communication must be made within 14 days of the anticipated delivery date in the case of a non-delivery.


1. If there is an issue with your order, start by contacting the seller. Most issues can be resolved between buyers and sellers. Allow the seller up to 48 hours to respond. If you still haven’t heard back from the seller within that time, please contact Grid50 Support.

2. If there is damage to the item you received, take photos and/or videos of the item to document the damage. You should also take photos of the packaging the item came in, including the box/envelope and packaging material.

This media can be helpful when contacting the seller to alert them of the damage. Should an issue require the attention of Grid50 Support, we will also require pictures and/or video of the damage to fully evaluate the situation.

In the case of receiving a damaged item, please contact the seller to let them know as soon as possible. We require that buyers let sellers know about damage within 72 hours of receiving the item. However, the sooner you can let the seller know, the better. If you let the seller know of item damage beyond this point, it’s up to the seller’s discretion as to how they’d like to resolve the issue (i.e. whether or not they’d like to allow a return/refund).

For any other issues, you need to contact the seller or Grid50 within 7 days of delivery with documentation of the issues. Anything outside of that 7-day window, or a situation where an item is not damaged or not as described, we will then honor the seller’s individual shop policies (i.e their return/refund policy). It is a good idea to check the Shipping tab on a given listing to check the shipping and return information for that seller and that listing.

3. If no resolution can be reached between the buyer and the seller, Grid50 will recommend the next step the buyer should take, depending on the payment method they used at checkout.

If payment was made through PayPal, we will walk you through PayPal’s dispute process and assist with the dispute as best as we can.

4. Grid50 will provide documentation to payment institutions in situations deemed appropriate. This is left to the sole discretion of Grid50.

Note: In the event that an item you receive is damaged and/or not as described, the seller will be responsible for the return shipping label cost so long as you let the seller know within the timeframe as outlined above (within 3 days for damage related issues).

On a preference-based return (i.e. you simply no longer want the item), typically the buyer would be responsible for purchasing the return shipping label.

Protection for Sellers

For items paid for through PayPal, sellers are protected by PayPal’s Seller Protection and Grid50 Support will aid in providing details during PayPal’s resolution process.

As preventative steps, we recommend outlining your exact shipping and return policy. We also strongly encourage thorough and upfront listings, with photos and details outlining the exact condition of your gear.


1. In the event of the dispute, the seller should contact Grid50 support as soon as possible.

2. Grid50 will make contact with the buyer and relay any relevant information back to the seller.

3. In the event of a dispute, your account will remain in good standing so long as effort is made to reach a reasonable resolution to the situation. Sellers who are not responsive to our resolution efforts are subject to account suspension.

4. As with buyers, Grid50 will provide documentation of our recommendations to payment institutions in situations deemed appropriate. This is left to the sole discretion of the Grid50.


Do I need to accept a return? And do I need to pay for return shipping?

Buyers are protected by our buyer protection. In the event that a buyer receives an item from you that is damaged and/or not as described in your listing, you will be responsible to accept the return of this item, provide a refund, and pay for the return shipping label cost.

Note: Buyers must contact you within 72 hours (3 days) of receiving their item to notify you of any damage or an item not as described for this to apply. After that, it is at your discretion how you’d like to resolve this issue.

With this in mind, we urge sellers to be as detailed as possible in their listing regarding the condition of the item they are selling, as well as provide detailed pictures of the item. We also suggest purchasing shipping insurance if you are worried the item may become damaged during shipping.

Outside of damage and not as described issues, such as preference-based returns, it is up to you as the seller if you’d like to accept a return per your return policy and if you will accept returns, who will pay the return shipping label cost.