How Do I Complete My Store Profile?

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Even though you may be an individual seller (and not an actual “store”), you will have a store on Grid50 where all of your listings will show. Your account will also be designated by your store name, which will be publicly shown.

Shoppers will see your store name on your listing.


Store Name Example

Shoppers can click this link to see all of your listings.


Store Example

Please make sure to fill out your Store Profile completely. Once you do so, you will be set to start listing your gear on Grid50!

For a detailed description of each section within this Store Profile form, see below:

Store Name – Your store name is the name of your “store” on Grid50. You need a store name even if you’re an individual seller (and not a retail store). This name is unique and will be displayed on your listings.

Store Description & Seller Info – These text areas allow you to describe your store and add any details you’d like about the items you will be selling. For retail stores, you can add information about your business. For individuals, you can let shoppers know you are an individual seller and/or elect to tell shoppers more about yourself as a photographer/videographer and seller.

Store Address – The store address will be the location you are shipping from. If you are an individual seller, you can list your home address. If you are a retail store, you can list your store location. Your complete address is kept private. The country you are shipping from, however, is shown on your listing and is used to let shoppers know where the item is shipping from.

Return Policy – In the return policy, you can add how and under what conditions you accept returns. This section will need to be filled out before you can list your gear on Grid50. For example, you may decide to accept returns within 14 days where the buyer pays return shipping costs. It is also acceptable to not accept returns, if you mention this in your return policy and listing, and your listing complies with Grid50’s Terms of Use. If the item you ship to a buyer does not match the condition pictured and described in your original listing, you may still be responsible for return or refund costs.

PayPal Address – Your PayPal address is the email address associated with your PayPal account. We can not accept links. It must be your email address. We use this email address to send funds for your sales when your listings sell on Grid50.

If you have any further questions or trouble, contact us here or send us an email at