How to Create an Account on Grid50

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If this is your first time using Grid50 and you’d like to start selling your gear on our marketplace, you’ll have to create an account. Creating an account Grid50 is free.

To create an account, click the button labeled, Sign Up, in the at the top of the site:


After clicking this link, you will be directed to the Register page:

Grid50 Knowledge Base - Register

From here, fill out the form as instructed and click Register.

After clicking the Regsiter button, you should see page below prompting you to fill out your profile:

Grid50 Knowledge Base - Store Profile Settings

*If you do not see this page, click the Account button in the top menu and you should be redirected to this page.*

In order to sell on Grid50, you must add a Store Name. This is the name of your “store” and will be used to showcase all of your listings (so someone can find all of your listings should they want to). Think of it as your profile name. It must be unique. If you’d like, you may also add a description for your store.

At this time, you should also add your PayPal email address under the Payment tab. This is how you will be paid when any of your listed gear sells.

Once this profile has been filled out, click Updated Store Profile.

After this, you are all set! You are now ready to get started listing your gear on Grid50.

If you have any further questions or trouble, contact us here or send us an email at