How to List Your First Item on Grid50

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Ready to list your first item? Great! The video below will cover our listing form in detail. You can also follow along to the written step-by-step instructions further below.

Login to your account (if you don’t have one, creating an account is free) and from your Dashboard click the List Item button. You may also click the Sell button in the site’s top menu (using this button, you can start listing an item no matter what page you are on):

Grid50 Knowledge base - Click List Item Button

After clicking either of these buttons, you will be directed to the product form where you can list your gear:

Grid50 Knowledge Base - Product Form

After completing this form, your item will be listed on the Grid50 marketplace. You may also save your item as a draft to come back to and edit later.

The following fields on this form are required in order to list your gear:

  • Item Name
  • Item Description
  • Item Category
  • Item Condition
  • Item Brand
  • Featured Image
  • Price
  • National Shipping Fee (You must add a shipping cost or choose free shipping)

Let’s cover each of these fields, including the non-required fields, in more depth:

Item Name

This is the name of your item. It will be the title of your listing. Add a title that describes your item accurately and entices shoppers to view your listing.

Item Description

In this field, you can add as much detail as you’d like about the item you are selling. Please try to be as accurate and as detailed as possible, especially if selling used gear.

Item Category

Choose the one category that fits your item best (ex. Lenses, DSLR Cameras, etc.).

Item Condition

Choose the value that best describes the condition of your item (ex Excellent, Good, etc.).

Item Brand

Choose the brand of the item you are selling (ex. Canon, Nikon, etc.). If you don’t see your brand listed, select Other.

Featured Image

Here you can add the featured image for your listing. This will be the image that shows up in search results and will be the first image shoppers see when they visit the product page for your listed item.


If you’d like, you can add more images for your listing here.


This is the price for your item.

Sale Price

This field is optional. If you’d like to run a sale, you can use it to set a sale price for your item.

National & International Shipping Fee

When setting the cost for shipping your item, you can choose national and/or international shipping. Nation shipping includes any shipping costs when shipping inside your own country. International shipping is the cost for shipping outside your country.

Grid50 Knowledge Base - Shipping Fees

If you would like to disable (not offer) national or international shipping for your item, you can check the Disable national shipping for this item or Disable international shipping for this item checkbox.

If you’d like to offer free national or international shipping, you can check the Free national shipping and/or Free international shipping checkboxes.

You also have the option to charge shipping for each individual item if your listing is for more than one item. For example, if you have a camera strap for sale with 10 units in stock and someone orders 2 units, you can choose whether or not you’d like to charge shipping for each unit. To charge individual shipping for each unit, check the Charge once per item for national shipping, even if more than one is purchased and/or Charge once per item for international shipping, even if more than one is purchased checkboxes.

Again, once all the required fields have been filled out (and any optional fields you’d like to use), you can click the List Item button to publish your item live or click the Save Draft button to save the listing to edit later.

If you have any further questions or trouble, contact us here or send us an email at