What Fees Will I Be Charged by Selling My Gear on Grid50?

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It’s free to create an account on Grid50 and to list your gear on our marketplace. We do not charge any listing fees. You are only charged a 3.5% sales fee on the total sale value of your item (vs. 10% on sites like eBay). There is also a 2.9% transaction fee by PayPal on the total sale value of your item + $0.30 per transaction (this amount goes to PayPal, Grid50 does not receive any of this amount).


If you sell an item on Grid50 for $100, the total amount in fees you would be charged would be $6.70. That total breaks down as follows:

  • $3.50 to Grid50 for 3.5% of the total sale value
  • $3.20 to Paypal for 2.9% of the total sale value + $0.30 per transaction

If you have any further questions or trouble, contact us here or send us an email at info@grid50gear.com.