Sony HDR-FX1E Digital HD Video Camera Recorder


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ith the introduction of Sony’s HDR-FX1E, the first “PAL” HDV 1080i camcorder and the benchmark in video technology available for consumers and prosumers alike, users now have the capability to record and playback high definition video. With 1080 interlaced lines of resolution – the highest resolution (1440 pixels x 1080 lines) of any prosumer camcorder.

Utilizes the 1080 lines horizontal resolution / 50 interlaced frames per second frame rate for the HDV specification.

Incorporates three-chip, one megapixel Super HAD CCDs. The 1080i HD CCDs have several improvements, including an on-chip micro-lens on top of the CCD sensor that increases the light focusing rate for focusing on the fly. There is also a great developed 16:9 aspect mode for recording in widescreen. By giving each lens its own megapixel imager, the camcorder captures the intense detail and color that expert videographers appreciate.



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