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I purchased this set exclusively for remote shooting approximately 24 months ago.  While I feel Elinchrom produces amazing products, I don’t do enough remote shooting to justify owning the set and want to pass this equipment on to another shooter while it’s still in “like new” condition.

I take excellent care of my equipment so this will serve someone well for many years to come.  At the risk of providing too much information, I’ve provided specifications taken directly from the actual product websites, so the formatting may be a bit messy.  Feel free to contact me with any question you may have.

Please note that I’ve been EXTREMELY careful to document the wear and tear on the Elinchrom Quadra HS Flash Head along with actual photographs of that particular item.  All other items appear to be like new so I’ve used the manufacturers photos.


Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, Pro Head and transmitter

The Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter was put together by Elinchrom to offer on the go photographers a turnkey location lighting solution. The kit includes the 400Ws Quadra Hybrid RX Pack, a lead-gel battery, multi-voltage charger, 8.2′ flash head cable, sync cable, and an ELS Transmitter Speed for remote triggering of the flash.

2. Sektonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-U-EL Series Light Meter for Elinchrom EL Skyport System

Equipped with a large and intuitive 2.7″ color touchscreen LCD and now featuring built-in radio flash power control and triggering for the 2.4 GHz Elinchrom EL Skyport wireless system, the LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-U-EL Series Light Meter from Sekonic will make incident metering for ambient and flash light super simple. The major ability of this system enables complete control of the flash’s power in 0.1-step increments. Along with this, the 20-channel system has separate selection between 4 groups with measured values maintained for ratio determination. Users will also be able to control modeling lamp power as well as set ALL groups at once.

3. Elinchrom EL Skyport Transmitter Pro for Canon

Elinchrom introduced a game-changing wireless solution that’s compatible with three generations of transceivers and flash heads and offers Hi-Sync flash sync speeds up to 1/8000 sec.  The 20-channel transmitter is immediately recognizable by its large LCD screen that displays every light in your setup. The Skyport Pro will control the modeling light and flash intensity of BRX, D-Lite RX, ELC Pro HD, and ELB flash heads as well as the EL-Skyport Transceiver RX for the Style RX, Digital RX, and Ranger RX systems. Operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency, it has an enhanced wireless range too, triggering and controlling your flash heads at a distance of 196′ indoors and 656′ outdoors.  One of the transceivers most exciting features is Hi-Sync technology that lets you use shutter speeds up to 1/8000 of a second, far shorter than your camera’s standard sync speed. Whether you use it to overpower the sun, freeze action, darken backgrounds, or select wider apertures, Hi-Sync opens up a new realm of exposure possibilities. You can even fine tune the transmitter’s trigger signal with ODS (Over Drive Sync) for optimal exposures at high shutter speeds.  The EL-Skyport Transmitter Pro runs on AA batteries and has a future-proofing mini-USB connection for firmware updates.

4. Elinchrom Quadra HS Flash Head.  Optimized for HS sync.

Please note that the strobe works exceptionally well but I use heavy light shapers and the contact points are bent but still useful.  I’ve included photos of the actual product and bent connector.  There is no bulb included but this can be purchased through any camera dealer for around $160.

You really have to handle the Quadra HS Flash Head from Elinchrom to appreciate its size and weight. The head weighs just 0.62 lb and measures 3.1 x 2.9″ yet gives full-sized performance from any Quadra power pack. Small is also beautiful when working in tight spaces or hanging the head on a grid or boom. The exciting news is in the head’s HS (Hi-Sync) designation, which means that it’s optimized for use at high sync speeds as short as 1/8000 sec. to overpower the sun or use wider lens apertures. It’s also a great benefit in stop-action photography. The Quadra HS has several dedicated, optional accessories but purchasing the Quadra reflector adapter gives you complete access to the full line of quality Elinchrom accessories and light shapers. The head comes with a head cable, reflector, multifunction cap and a Quadra protective cap. Small size, lightweight, and great performance make the Quadra system hard to beat.

5. Elinchrom Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-IL (EL-26342). This adapter will make any Elinchrom or Glo light shaper compatible with the quadra heads.

6. Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RQ Ringflash ECO with Removable Diffuser (EL-20492). 400 w/s Ring flash

7. (3) Elinchrom EL Skyport Receiver Plus (EL-19369) units which work with the majority of strobes outside of the Elinchrom line. Also included is the EL Skyport hard shell case (EL-33000) which will hold all three receiver units.

8. Elinchrom Quadra 18 cm reflector with 30-degree grid kit (EL-26133)

9. Extension (EL-11003) Head Extension cable for Ranger Quadra 42 cm

All original packaging for each component is also included




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