Argus viewfinder TLR (2)


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The Argus 40 TLR is a 6×6 medium format camera.  Most companies added “flex” to signify the camera’s similarity to the Rolleiflex high quality TLR cameras. This camera looks and operates like a new camera. The leather cover is without blemish. It has the initials of it’s original purchaser (long lost to history). 

This camera could be the best way to try out medium format photography.  It takes 620 film (respooled 120), has a bright finder and all the controls (aperture, shutter, focus). The aperture and shutter worked well on each frame. Argus made this a viewfinder in that the focus ring is based on distance numbers on the lens and not by looking through the viewfinder like a Yashica124 or Rolleicord/flex

I put a roll of Ilford B/W film in the camera and was surprised how clean the photos came out.  How good? Better than a consumer 35mm camera. See the attached photos for the camera and photos taken on 7-14-2018 in mid day. They are straight out of the camera with only spot/blemish removal after scanning. I printed out an 8×10 for my wall to remind me how sweet this camera is after it goes to a new home.

If you are looking for an inexpensive medium format camera or it you want to explore the 120 size without breaking the bank I think this is your camera.

The second camera is an Argus seventy-five TLR. I have not tested this camera, they look like twins.

They are both being sold as is without return. Both have very good condition leather cases and the seventy-five has a flash attachment.


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