Mamiya 7II Black W/80mm f/4 lens in MINT condition


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I’m selling my dear Mamiya 7II black color with a 80mm f/4 lens, both in MINT condition, as new. Everything works perfect and there is no scratches, no fungus, no dust etc. The lens has a protective lens filter/cover in glass (besides the original lens cap).



The Mamiya 7 II is a medium format 6x7cm rangefinder camera with interchangeable leaf shutter lenses. Compact and lightweight, the Mamiya 7 II has aperture priority as well as fully manual mode. The rangefinder is ideal for quick, accurate focusing, particularly in low light situations being brighter than medium format SLR finders. The Mamiya 7 II features a maximum shutter speed of 1/500 sec and has +/- 2 stops of exposure compensation.

Mamiya’s unique 6×7 format rangefinder camera is now even more versatile. This camera is the only 6x7cm rangefinder system which features either interchangeable lenses or a light meter. With increased demand from pros and advanced 35mm shooters, the Mamiya 7 now features an improved rangefinder, simplified exposure compensation, improved ergonomics and the option of a professional all black finish.

The Mamiya 7 II has high visibility frame lines in the focusing system so that the bright frame appears clearly in the rangefinder, even in the case of intense ambient light. Three strap lugs now make the camera easy to carry in either vertical and horizontal positions. The location of the cable release socket has been moved to the more accessible bottom-right side of the body. Like its predecessor, it is a “quick on the draw” camera.


Mamiya 7 II

Camera type
6 x 7 format rangefinder with interchangeable lenses

6 x 7cm (56 x 69.5mm with 120/220 roll film)

Optional interchangeable panoramic insert mask (24 x 65mm with 35mm roll film)

Electromagnetic full flash synch lens shutter
4 sec. – 1/500 sec., B X synchronization at all speeds
Hot shoe
Self-cancelling self timer
Double exposure capability

Built-in metering
SPD sensor in finder range:  EV3 (f/ @ 2 sec.) ~ EV18 (f/22
@ 1/500 sec.) with 80mm f/4 lens at ISO 100
Film Settings:  ISO 25 ~ 1600
Exposure Corrections: +/- 2EV in 1/3 step via Compensation Dial Aperture Priority AE or manual metering modes

Rangefinder coupled
Automatic parallax compensating
Automatic bright line selection (65mm, 80mm, 150mm)

Readout shutter speed LED indicator
Separate ultra-wide optical finder supplied with 43mm or 50mm lens

One 6V PX28 alkaline silver oxide or lithium (4SR44, 4LR44 or 2CR1/3 lithium) battery

159 x 112 x 123mm (6.2 x 4.4 x 4.8 in.)
1210 g (2.6 lbs.) with 80mm lens



Links with more information:×7-medium-format-film-camera




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