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Meet Our Company

Grid50 was created in October 2017 by founder Cody Slingerland. Over the past few years, we’ve come up a long way and are proud to boast a userbase of over 5,000 users. Cody started Grid50 becaused he saw a gap in the photography and videography industry that needed to be filled. Selling and buying used camera gear was an overly complicated, time-consuming, and expensive process.

Sites like eBay charge a high fee to list and sell gear (as much as 10% of the total sale value) and sites like Craigslist don’t offer the protection that buyers and sellers need, especially when selling or buying expensive camera equipment. Even worse is getting pennies on the dollar when you trade your gear in to local camera store or pawn shop.

Thus, Grid50 was built to create the go-to marketplace for buying and selling photo/video and cultivating a community of enthusiasts and professionals. From used camera lenses to vintage 35mm cameras, to new camera batteries and everything else in between, Grid50 has it.

It’s free to create an account and to list your gear on Grid50. You are only charged 3.5% of the total sale value when your item sells.

With Grid50, you keep more of your earnings from selling your gear. Not only that, Grid50 is curated specifically for photo and video gear. Therefore, our audience is made up entirely of photographers, videographers, and other photo/video enthusiasts.

Try listing your gear and letting us know what you think. We’re always looking to improve the Grid50 website. If you have any suggestions, contact customer support here to get in touch. Thanks for stopping by!

Meet Our Team


Cody Slingerland | Founder & CEO

Cody runs day-to-day operations at Grid50, as well as heads marketing and customer service. If you call customer support, you may even be connected with him as your customer support team member.

Tara Schatz

Tara Schatz | Content Contributor

Tara is a content contributor for Grid50 and a photographer with a passion for outdoor adventures. She has keen perspective for landscape, nature, and outdoor photography.

Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn | Content Contributor

Dan Ginn is a content contributor at Grid50 and an internationally published street photographer. Through his writing, he has continually championed the work of fellow photographers and offered expert advice on photography gear.