Seller Responsibilities

When you list an item for sale on Grid50, as a seller you are expected and required to:

1. Describe the item you are listing in as detailed of a manner as possible and describe its condition accurately.

2. Provide accurate images of the item you are listing. These images should include any damage, scratches, or other marks the item may have, if there are any.

3. Provide a return policy that meets the following requirements:

  • Your return policy should state whether or not you accept returns.
  • If you accept returns, how long does the buyer have to return the item (ex. 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, etc.).
  • If you accept returns, who pays the return shipping cost (you as the seller or the buyer?).
  • If you accept returns, detail any restocking fees you may have for returns.

Note: If you fail to deliver the item to the buyer in a condition other than what is described and pictured in your listing, your return policy may be nulled and you may still be required to issue a refund. We expect all sellers to deliver the item to buyers in the condition stated in their listing.

4. Ship the item to the buyer’s shipping address in a timely manner (within 72 hours)

Note: The seller is required to deliver the item to the buyer in the condition stated and pictured in their listing. This means that the seller is responsible for shipping. Should an item arrive damaged to the buyer, the seller is still responsible for this item and will have to issue a refund and/or accept a return, regardless of what is stated in your return policy.

If you are concerned your item may be damaged during shipping, we recommend purchasing shipping insurance and including this in the cost of your shipping fee within your listing.

Failure to follow and meet the above guidelines may result in the cancellation of your sale, a dispute filed with PayPal (or the original payment processor), and/or suspension or deletion of your account on Grid50.