Canon T7 vs T7i

Canon T7 vs. Canon T7i: The Complete Comparison

In this article, we break down and compare the Canon T7 and the Canon T7i, so you can easily decide which camera is best for you.

When deciding on which entry-level DSLR camera to go with, it can be hard to narrow down the best option for you. Since there are so many models and price ranges for these cameras, we took the opportunity to compare the Canon T7 and the Canon T7i to help you make the best decision.

Take a look at the side-by-side comparison of key specs, and read through our analysis of each camera to see which is a better fit for your needs.

Key Details at a Glance:

Here are the side-by-side key specs for the Canon T7 and the Canon T7i:

Canon T7 Canon T7i
Price New: $399.00, Used: ~$355 New: $799.00, Used: ~$600
Release Date 2/26/2018 2/15/2017
Sensor 24 APS-C CMOS 24 APS-C CMOS
Viewfinder OVF OVF
Articulating LCD Screen No Yes
LCD Screen Size 3 3
Viewfinder Resolution 920k 1.040K
Lens Type EF/EF-S Mount EF/EF-S Mount
Continuous Shooting Speed 3.0 fps 6.0 fps
Video Resolution 1920×1080 1920×1080
Weather sealed No No
Image Stabilization No No
Dynamic Range 100-6400 100-25,600
Low Light ISO 12,800 51,200
Battery Life 500 Shots 600 Shots
Time-Lapse Recording No Yes
Touchscreen No Yes
Selfie Friendly LCD No Yes
Wireless Connection Yes Yes
Bluetooth Connection No Yes
Microphone Port No Yes
AE Bracketing Yes Yes
Smartphone Remote Yes Yes
Built-in Flash Yes Yes
External Flash Yes Yes
Lenses Available 321 321
Dimensions 129x101x78mm 131x100x76mm
Weight 475g 532g

In-Depth Comparison:

At a glance, the key specs can help you see a lot of the differences between the cameras, but this in-depth analysis will help you understand how these differences affect the functionality of each camera.


Canon T7 vs T7i DimensionsBoth of these cameras are entry models for DSLR photography, which is evident in their similar designs. The Canon T7i was released 12 months prior to the Canon T7, and the release dates may explain the slight differences in design.

The Canon T7 is 129x101x78mm and 475g versus the Canon T7i, which is 131x100x76mm and 532g. The Canon T7 is lighter and a bit sleeker, but the discrepancies between the weights are small enough that they shouldn’t have a huge effect on any functionality.

Neither of these cameras feature weather-proofing in their design, so they’re not ideal for shooting outdoors without proper precautions in place. Both of these cameras work with the EF/EF-S mount for lenses, and there are 321 available for each camera.

The Canon T7i features a fully articulated LCD screen, and this allows the screen to be manipulated for easier use. Overall, there isn’t much difference in the design, but if a fully articulating screen is a necessity, the Canon T7i is the way to go.

Image Quality

Although the Canon T7 came out after the Canon T7i, some of the features in the Canon T7i contribute to a higher image quality.

Image Example from the Canon T7:

Canon T7 Image Sample

Image via DPReview

The autofocus feature in the Canon T7 has 9 points for recognition, whereas the Canon T7i has 45 points. The Canon T7i also has the upper hand when it comes to continuous shooting with 6.0 fps versus the Canon T7 with just 3.0 fps. These functions can make a big difference when it comes to image quality, especially if you plan to rely on the autofocus feature.

Image Example from the Canon T7i:

Canon T7i Image Sample

Image via PhotographyLife

As a newer model, the Canon T7 gained a better sensor that its predecessor, but the Canon T7i still leads when it comes to ISO and low light images. With an expandable ISO range of up to 12,800, the Canon T7 falls behind the Canon T7i, which has an expandable ISO range of 25,600.

With this difference in ISO sensitivity, the Canon T7i has an advantage in low light settings. The technology between the cameras are similar, though, and there won’t be too much difference between images in good lighting.

Battery Life

Both the Canon T7 and the Canon T7i have good battery life that will last throughout most standard shoots. The Canon T7 has a battery life of 500 frames, whereas the Canon T7i can last on a single charge for 600 frames.

Overall, battery life isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for most photographers but the Canon T7i will last about 100 shots longer if that’s an important feature for you.


Neither of these cameras are highly praised for their video performance due to their nature as beginner DSLR cameras, but there is a big difference between the video functions and quality in each model.

The Canon T7 has a 1920×1080 video resolution, and can perform the task of taking basic video with its in-camera microphone. The Canon T7 lacks a microphone port, however, so you would have to rely on the camera’s microphone for your audio.

In comparison, the Canon T7i also has a 1920×1080 video resolution, but there are a few extra features that make it the winner in the video category. The Canon T7i has a microphone port that allows an external device to record your audio, which results in the option for higher quality audio.

The Canon T7i shoots at 60 fps in video mode, whereas the Canon T7 only shoots at 30 fps, and the Canon T7i allows for the same live view as it uses with its OVF. These features contribute to smoother video quality and easier to use video mode. The Canon T7i also utilizes digital video stabilization, which creates a stable video and contributes to overall video quality.

Additional Features

Canon T7i Screen

Image via Ken Rockwell

While the Canon T7 stands out with its lower price point, lighter weight, and newer release date, the Canon T7i has a few extra features that contribute to its overall functionality and usability. As a camera known for being a beginner DSLR model, the Canon T7i features a user guide that can help a novice photographer navigate its functions easily.

The Canon T7i also features Bluetooth connectivity and time-lapse recording features, making it compatible with other devices and possible to test your creativity.

Final Thoughts

Both of these cameras make great DSLR cameras for the beginning level. The Canon T7i has subtle differences from the Canon T7 in technology that make it a better choice for low-light photography, video, and creative shoots.

While the Canon T7 doesn’t have as many additional features, it comes at a much lower price point and uses the same lenses as the Canon T7i, so it is possible to get the same or similar images out of each camera.

With that being said, the Canon T7i has the upper hand when it comes to additional features, which makes it a great deal for its price point. If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra on your camera, the Canon T7i is the way to go.

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